Discover Frankie Edozien: 12 Questions for the Nigerian Author

We caught up with Chike Frankie Edozien to find out what motivates a gay Nigerian author and other questions to inspire the readers and writers among you.

Forgetting Lamido – Extract from ‘Lives of Great Men’

It’s been ten years plus since we last met. Even after all this time, our bodies haven’t lost that feral magnetism for each other.

Omar McLeod: Champion Hurdler, Sprinter — and Centre of an “Is...

We can only hope that Omar McLeod’s on-track heroics will be the prevailing narrative, and not the controversy over whether he is gay, or has a boyfriend.

Black Gay Men Must Stop Normalising Sexual Assault

Sexual assault isn’t one-dimensional. Sexual assault captures unapproved touches, unwanted advances, and inappropriate interactions too.

Toni Morrison orbituary: Queen of the Word

Toni Morrison took the ugliest or most paradoxical truths and rendered them hauntingly beautiful, simply (not so simply!) by telling stories.

In Search of a Good Black Man in a “BBC” Fixated...

You'd think gay dating apps should be more useful in connecting a good black man with others who want more from life than a string of one-off casual sex hookups with random strangers.