Wet Shaving

My mate cuts hair and reckons he knows everything about avoiding razor bumps. If you’ve got hair clippers, he says, ‘line-up’ your face first, then take a shower and let the water soften the facial hairs.

Apply shaving cream, and let it sit for like two minutes, then, shave with a sharp razor. He only ever uses a razor twice. Says, “Dirty blades cause infections and only make the problem worse,” and that the best thing for razor bumps is BUMP STOPPER.

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Some of you guys out there plagued by bumps should try an electric shaver. It might just work for you too. Bumps are ugly and irritating. I used to get painful pus-filled sores on my face before I converted to dry shaving. Back then, I thought only white guys dry shaved because that’s all we see on TV adverts, but it’s good for me and a lot of other brothers, too.

Dry Shave

I can count the number of ‘wet’ shaves I’ve had on one hand. The first day feels fantastic, it’s when it starts to grow back that I get the ingrown hairs from hell. Don’t bother with that nonsense anymore. I’m in my early 30s now but have long since realised that I can’t wet shave. Instead, I broke the bank and bought the Mack Daddy of all electric shavers. Only shave once every three days now.

Clippers & Beards

If dry shaving isn’t your thing, and you’ve tried the wet shave routine, but that didn’t work either, then it’s best to see an experienced dermatologist for more specific personal help and advice. Still facing problems shaving? Just get a pair of Oster T-Liners and adjust the blade, some say. You can shave as close as you like and never have to worry about bumping again, goes the claim.

Soaps & Moisturisers

A lot of guys don’t use soap on their face. Alcohol-based detergents can dry out your skin and cause even more spots and bumps. Witch Hazel didn’t work for me either. An old girlfriend suggested I try a Shea Butter Ultra Moisturising Cream for dry skin produced by L’Occitane, France, and it worked. A bit pricey for what looks like a tube of toothpaste, but you get what you pay for. If you’ve got rapid beard growth too,  then try a Wahl Beard Trimmer, which can keep the beard trimmed low and less likely to cause bumps or itching.

Skin Types

We all have different skin types and hair textures, so what didn’t work for your mate or your old man back in the day, might just be the end of your razor bumps or low self-esteem issues. For some sensitive skin types feeling sore and dried out after a dry shave, try avoiding alcohol-based soap products and use a suitable moisturising cream after each shaving session.

After Shaves & Tweezers

Finally, whether you wet or dry shave, alcohol can work better as an aftershave than much of the fancy men’s products on the market. After you’ve shaved, just get some Wray and Nephew Over-proofed White Rum and splash that all over your face. It may sting a little at first, but it does help. If you’re one of the lucky ones who only suffer from the odd ingrown hair, just reach for the tweezers.

Let us know how you get on.



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