Help Savvy Mannequin Concepts Show at Paris Fashion Week


For centuries, people have used fashion to showcase their individual style and personalities. It can help to define a generation, which is what Mannequin Concepts, Inc., is doing for classy Millennials and high-end shoppers. Now the company has an opportunity to go to Paris Fashion Week and here’s how you can help.

What Is Mannequin Concepts?

Help Mannequin Concepts Show at Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, 2019.

A Texas native, Mannequin Concepts’ CEO, Evan Lyons, grew up far from the nightlife scene of the 1970s-era fashion New York but drew inspiration from the famed Studio 54 for his fashion line. Watching films from the period, including The Wiz and Uptown Saturday Night, also inspired his women’s and men’s fashion pieces.

His luxurious designs include crushed velvet, high-waisted denim, polished brass button embellishments, and black medallion dresses made with four-ply silk. Iconic designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Alexander McQueen are also his creative inspirations.

About Evan Lyons, Fashion Designer

Help Evan Lyons of Mannequin Concepts Show at Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, 2019.
Evan Lyons, Fashion Designer Wants to Exhibit at New York and Paris Fashion Week, 2019.

Although Lyons is self-taught, having honed his craft working for famed fashion houses and as a freelance stylist, fashion runs in his family. His mother was a mannequin model before he was born, and her ‘70s headshot serves as the logo for Mannequin Concepts. Silhouettes of the logo are featured on the medallions that adorn the plunging necklines of their stylish unisex hoodies. The collection also includes T-shirts, jumpsuits, denim shorts, bags, and additional accessories, many of which are ungendered.

Help Mannequin Concept Show at Paris Fashion Week

Mannequin Concepts, designer Evan Lyons a Port Arthur native, was chosen as 1 of 10 designers to watch and offered a chance to showcase his designs at New York Fashion Week as well as Paris Fashion Week.

Help Evan Lyons and Mannequin Concepts showcase their designs at PARIS Fashion Week and NEW YORK Fashion Week, 2019.
Help Mannequin Concepts get NEW YORK Fashion Week, 2019.

After hitting a few pitfalls, he’s just $9,000 short of being able to complete a collection and pay fees for both shows. He has until August 30, 2019, to get it together. Let’s help Evan get Mannequin Concepts to PARIS & NEW YORK Fashion Week.

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