George Floyd

I have so far been quiet on the protests happening around the world as a result of the murder of George Floyd in police custody. Not very much like me. However, the conflicting responses on social media reveal the polarisation and depth that we will have to go to erase the deep-seated oppressive ideologies that have kept us down and segregated for years.

George Floyd’s murder caught on camera

The oppressors have divided us. Given some of us a false sense of responsibility so that we can act against our own kind. The greatest abuser on the plantation was the black man who was given a whip to Lord over his fellow members. He was unrelenting in his punishment because he did not want to lose favour in the eyes of the backra master. So, while I don’t have the panacea for curbing racism, I know that as a unit, we are strong and powerful.

We are like a rich oil lake that shines radiantly. The earth quakes when black people unite. We shout and the earth trembles. That power must be harnessed. The white man knows, and that is why he infiltrates and tear us down. Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Malcolm X and countless others. One thing I’m sure of, I will stand with you, my brothers. I will have your backs. I will be your eyes.

I will be your comfort through dark hours. I will be your friend. Let us walk this walk together. Let us move mountains and change our lives, and show this world our story. Let us stand and be counted. I may not always agree with you, but we all want the same thing. Division is our weakness. Togetherness is our strength. Hold on to it.

Michelle Obama reacts to George Floyd’s murder

Sadly, I can’t be with you physically today in Hyde Park nor in the streets of the United States, but rest assured that my heart beats with yours. My blood boils with the anger that pulls us together. Be strong. Be courageous. Be Black. Be proud. Be the kings and queens that you were born to be. Be people who will be counted. Know that I love you all.

We must continue to share our pain and passion for this is how we grow and support each other as a people.


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