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Why These Sexy Guys Use a Shea Moisture Beard Oil and Balm Grooming Kit

Shea Moisture Beard Oil and Balm Grooming Kit For Men

Know a sexy brother who could use the Shea Moisture Beard Oil and Balm Grooming Kit for men? If you are a Black man and you have ever tried to grow a beard, you have probably experienced one or more of the following issues:

        • Patchy areas
        • Uneven growth
        • Chronic dryness
        • In some cases, ingrown hairs
        • And finally, razor bumps (the worst)

We get you. Growing and maintaining a beautiful beard is not an easy task. The path to that luscious coat of facial hair that makes you look divine is doubly hard for Black men who have curly and thick hair.

There are products that can help things along though and items that are essential to take care of your beard. We especially recommend you get your hands on a good Shea Moisture Beard Oil. A Balm Grooming Kit for Men is another must-have if you want that perfectly shaped, well-kept beard. Let’s take a look at why these products are crucial in your beard-growing journey!

Shea Moisture Beard Oil

Beard oil is the number one product in Black men’s beard grooming essentials list. They work to both soften the hairs that form the beard and take care of the skin underneath. Proper skin care is vital to healthy facial hair growth. Moisturising the skin and the beard as it grows will help prevent problems such as ingrown hairs, dry patches and rashes.

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For many of us, our hair tends to be coarse and curly and can curve and pierce the skin as it grows, causing painful ingrown hairs. Regular care with Shea Moisture Beard Oil will tame those hairs and soften them, so they grow in a more controlled way.

Choosing your beard oil among the various options that are marketed online can be quite confusing. You have to find the right ingredient and formula, but luckily, we’ve got you covered with an all-rounded winner: Shea Butter! A good Shea Moisture Beard Oil will repair, moisturise and provide over-all protection to act as a barrier for your skin.

As Prxnce demonstrates in his beard routine video (above), applying a thin film of shea beard oil will properly condition the growth and keep your facial hair looking gorgeous and your skin feeling healthy, too. As this product gets absorbed into your hair pretty fast, the end result will be an irresistible silky matte finish.

Balm Grooming Kit for Men

Growing a beard is a process that involves consistent care. A Balm Grooming Kit for Men will provide you with the necessary products for optimising your facial hair growth. This is especially the case for Black men’s hair, which is almost in constant need of moisture. Alongside the Shea Moisture Beard Oil, Balm Grooming Kit for Men will increase the hydration of your facial hair and depending on the ingredients, will enhance beard growth and prevent beard dandruff.

A beard balm that contains natural ingredients will yield the best results. So, make sure to choose one that contains one or more of the following:

        • Shea butter
        • Black castor oil
        • Maracuja oil

That’s not even the end of the benefits of beard balms. These babies will give your facial hair and extra shine due to their high moisture content. They can also be used to style your beard the way you want it to look and keep its shape intact.

There is a proper way to apply these products to your beard for optimum growth. You need to pick your beard after moisturising it, so the individual hairs don’t get tangled. A comb is a great tool that you can use for styling. The Black Men’s Beard channel on YouTube provides awesome tips on how often you should use your Shea Moisture Beard Oil and your Balm Grooming Kit for Men:

Beard growing is serious business and requires discipline that is a mark of excellence in men. Whatever you do, remember that regular moisturising is a key step on your path to Black beard perfection.



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