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What we all want

Great content is at least a Prince we know that much. We also wish to have our blogs filled with great posts, perfect conversion rates, easy to read and of course some praise would be nice. In fact, ANY reaction at all would be a great start for most of us. To make this article a bit more interesting: In the following tips, I am going to keep everything relevant to ‘lawnmowers’.

What? Yes, because so many of you are worried that your product is dull. I will hope to prove you wrong.

If lawnmowers can be the catalyst for great content, then anything can be.
Remember: There is ALWAYS a great story.


There are times in every blogger’s life (and I mean every blogger) where they are just not motivated, just cannot get around to yet another title and then fill their page with ‘great content’.

The thing is that as an internet marketer you MUST have great posts. They are still THE biggest asset for generating sales leads.

So you simply HAVE to dust yourself down, grab your coffee and put down your iPhone and get to work.

Persuasion vs Sales Writing

You don’t want your post to sound like a Landing Page do you?

Using persuasion instead of sales techniques is the way to go. What is the difference? Well, “our products are great, and they are on sale” is hardly riveting stuff is it? But “Our products are saving the lives of children in Africa” sounds a lot better doesn’t it?”.

Just rein back the sales talk.

How not to waste your time

Simple question, why are you writing the post in the first place? To eventually, down the road to make some sales right?

So find what it is you are trying to sell. Knowing where it will all end up will help you to hone your ramblings into concise, engaging content.

When you don’t have a clue what to write about

This happens to everybody, just try not to reinvent the wheel. Try these tips instead.

1. Let the Fox Network help you. Fox has a certain way of making everything sound dangerous. Try to add a bit of menace for a great title. “When lawn mowers go wrong,” “Gardens from hell: 10 fatal lawnmower accidents,” etc.

2. Look through Google and get some inspiration. “How not to fall out with your neighbours as you mow your lawn,” “10 Ways To Find the ideal lawnmower,” “The Ultimate Guide To Riding Lawn Mowers”.

You already have the answer in how to pimp your blog posts

Identify which of your previous posts has engaged the most. Ask why? Can you use the same concept for another post?

Pimp your blog posts
pimp your blog posts

The complaints department

Complaints are a great source of ideas. Places to find complaints are everywhere. More people post their gripes than their praises.

• Blog comments
• Quora
• Niche Forums
• Negative Amazon Reviews
• Facebook groups

Copy and paste the questions, gripes and concerns. Then you can rewrite them into your post.

How about “The top 10 problems lawn mower owners need help with”? Easy, use the most used problems from above as your headings.

How to win friends and influence people

Outdated now, but a great book at the time, the main point was … be likeable. If they don’t like you … why would the stay to sign up to your email list or buy your service or product?

My industry is so boring how do I write about that?

No, your industry is NOT boring. It is awash with exciting stories and ideas for articles.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go back to lawnmowers.

OK, try Buzzsumo and type in “lawnmowers”. How can lawnmowers ever be boring again?

Here are the top results.

“Dad Shares Story Of Running Over Son With Lawnmower.”

“Meet The Roomba of Lawn Mowers (It’s Going To Make Summer Awesome).”

“Drunk Florida man arrested for driving lawnmower on highway.”

Now, never say your industry (or niche) is dull again.

Fill it with Visuals

Add relevant images every two paragraphs. It is filler without the rambling.

Upgrade your existing content

This is a great way to pimp an existing blog post. Find a high-traffic page from your blog. Ask yourself “how can I make this get even more engagement and email opt-ins?”.

For example, suppose you had a “Top 5 lawnmowers that suck” post. You could add a “Sign up here for “The top 10 lawnmowers that suck”.

Find your voice and stick to it

1. Find three words that describe you. Now find words that are synonyms and use those words (or the feelings behind them) in your post.

2. Add anecdotes. Readers love to know you are just like them. Being a complete ‘know it all’ may help you to win the pub quiz on Thursday night, but not the goodwill of your readers.

Why was Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” so popular? One of the reasons was because he told his story warts and all. He was not great with the ladies, he argued with his best friend and ran out of a relationship with a lovely Mexican cotton picker.

What they don’t tell you at Blog Writer Uni

Use a Dictaphone. I know it seems like cheating, but most bloggers do it. Join them.

Pimp your blog posts
pimp your blog posts

The actual writing bit

Oh yes, the writing. Here is how to start.

Create an intro: Start with a quote (ideally from an industry influencer) if you can’t think of anything else. Keep your intro sentences short no matter what words you use.

Body: One method is to create some subtitles. Write about 10. Now go back and start filling it in.

If the blog post is a how-to, make sure that the readers can implement this themselves (remember to add a banner or anchor text with a link to your service).

Most people will opt to outsource rather than get their hands dirty. Now you have more sales leads.

Conclusion: wrap it up with a decision of some sort. Which ‘riding lawnmower’ did you choose from the list? Why?

Whatever you started the post with, make sure to refer to it again here.

Don’t be shy, end the post by asking them to engage. “Let us know your favourite lawnmower in the comments below”.

Get started: Pimp YOUR blog post now.

How do YOU pimp your blog posts? Have I missed anything in the above? Leave a comment below and share your tips.


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