IN THE FAMILY: Celebrating Builders of Black Gay Communities (2001-2)

These publications reflect the experiences, pains, and joys of the contributors involved.

In the Family: celebrating the builders of black gay communities
In the Family: celebrating the builders of black gay communities

The work contained in these In the Family publications reflects the experiences, pains, and joys of the contributors. Unfortunately, as with the best parties, you seldom get to invite everyone you wanted to, or not everyone can make it, but we hope that this is a celebration that will continue for many years to come.

Whether you are a member of the heterosexual Black community, the white gay community, or any other community, we welcome you: explore, experience and learn. If you’re a Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person: we celebrate you in these two volumes.

As Black gay people, we claim and are claimed by two communities – the Black and gay communities. The Black community often sees us as outsiders, although we are at every family gathering and have been part of every struggle. On the other hand, the gay community tends to be a white male enclave in which we are “the unseen”, although we aim to change that too.

In the Family

In producing these booklets, part of our mission is to reduce external and internal homophobia and make Black gay people feel better about themselves and their sexuality. We feel that the time has come for everyone to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Black gay men and women.

We must be acknowledged as positive contributors to the culture and history of both Black people in the UK and the wider gay community. Black gay communities are and have been an integral part of the struggle of Black people and gay people everywhere.

In the Family 2

These publications are produced by Big Up @ GMFA (Gay Men Fighting AIDS) for Black gay men and women and their heterosexual friends and supporters. They are a celebration of diversity, and in keeping with this spirit, we have used images from various sources. Therefore, no assumptions should be made about the sexuality or politics of the individuals featured; they are all our friends.

We thank all those who contributed a short story, poem, or photograph to this publication. We are also especially grateful to our team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this project possible.



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