Taking the agency over ourselves as black gay men is not easy. This is primarily because many black communities are not sexually liberated and aren’t as sex-positive as they should be, mainly because of societal pressure. Therefore, I took it upon myself to help redefine black social norms from a sexual standpoint. I wanted to do my part in preventing black communities from harming black LGBTQ+ people. In my view, every person decorated in melanin has a right to sexual liberation and freedom.

As is the case for many people, my tertiary life proved to be a crucial changing point within my life. A clear example of that was my becoming a peer educator and counsellor during my time at university. The experience opened my eyes to the different experiences of queer and non-queer people. It really helped me a lot in becoming the sex-positive person I am today.

In my second year (while still being a peer counsellor and educator), I found myself almost being charged with assault for protecting an acquaintance of mine who was being bullied for being a trans woman by the perpetrator and his friend (who was spectating). I then became physical with the perpetrator while protecting her. When the police intervened, they took all 4 of us to the police station. We were transported in two different cars.

I was in a car with the friend of the perpetrator, who then told me that they found me attractive. My other issue with the situation was that the friend could possibly be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Still, it allowed his friend to be blatantly transphobic in his presence. I then felt a purpose of educating people who are misinformed about things that society typically doesn’t discuss or allow for discussion because of certain stigma and stereotyping.

Adults only
Sexual Liberation – Adults Only

I then enrolled on a 9-week course under The Centre for the Study of AIDS, Sexuality & Gender, which allowed students a platform to sit and discuss topics our elders decided were taboo, such as sex, sexuality, gender, sex health, etc. I realised that I had a purpose – to do my part in changing the harmful perceptions people had and chose to believe.

Upon graduating, I entered the corporate world, where I learned many things about myself, mainly things I didn’t like or didn’t allow to take away from my peace. During the corporate pits, I had decided to have multiple income streams, and one of them was entering the nightlife scene, mainly promoting and hosting.

December 2019, I quit the corporate world for good. I had chosen to focus on my other occupations, which includes hosting nightclubs. Early 2020 was a wonderful experience, but unfortunately, Covid had to have its way and end the party. Still adamant about doing my part in changing the narrative of sexual freedom, I decided to wrote and published my online story, DL Thug Passion, in September 2019.

Once we got some sort of grip on the pandemic, I started promoting the story because I had gotten great feedback from my readers. From DL people related to the story to people who just enjoyed my imagery, I received more and more support, and I felt even more motivated to push it further.

Marlon67: taking agency over our sexual liberation.
Marlon67: We must take agency over our sexual liberation as black queer men.

In April 2020, I created an Onlyfans account which remained dormant. Many situations challenged me to face myself – from hectic retrograde seasons to a pandemic and lockdown. Eventually, however, I decided to take this time to fully be comfortable with my body. I started doing solos, then nude shoots, and then custom videos for the few fans I had at that time.

In June 2020, the universe told me that I was ready to tap into Super Saiyan mode. By that time, people were already mad about DL Thug Passion. Because I write fantastic sex scenes, people had requested that I act out and record those steamy sessions. That’s when I saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to monetise my skills more.

In July 2020, I took it upon myself to play the main character “Q”. I started re-enacting different scenes with different men. I created a Twitter account for Marlon. And started posting some scenes of Q by Marlon. The one scene that I did that introduced Marlon67 to a broader audience was when I posted a 6 seconds clip of me and a big dick (belonging to a man who, at the time, had been openly obsessing over me for the past 3 years). But I digress.

These experiences had allowed me to explore myself sexually, to achieve peak sexual liberation. Even though money is an essential factor in my sex work, I never accept a booking that doesn’t allow me to express myself freely. What would you be paying me for, then?). I encourage and assist my diverse clients in getting in touch with their sexual being, learning it, understanding it, nurturing it, and most importantly, expressing it.

As black men, we face many societal issues that force us to close off our inner selves. We believe the best way to express our manhood (queer or not) is to make it look good on the outside and completely neglect it on the inside. I hope this article inspires you to get in touch with your sexual self, to create your own meaning of the phrase “sexual liberation”. I also hope that this article proves that everything experience you have on the outside reflects the inside. It is up to you to see how you interpret it.


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