About Black Gay Blog

Black Gay Blog is a unique, much-needed platform that speaks to the many issues faced by Black queer men and other LGBT+ communities. We stand out from the crowd by featuring thoughtful reflections on Black queer lives and issues at home and abroad.

As a not-for-profit webzine, blackgayblog.com exists to ensure that the voices, visibility, and lived experiences of Black LGBT+ individuals may be elevated in all the communities in which we exist. Sex is great, and we certainly celebrate and inform people about it, but there’s so much more to getting on than getting it on.

We believe in celebrating and humanising the lived and universal experiences of ordinary Black LGBT+ communities, breaking stigmas and stereotypes that change the conversation and literally save lives.

Black Gay Blog is a non-profit organisation (NPO) limited by guarantee and registered in England No: 12470109. Please support our writers with a donation at Donorbox or here.