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Leon Tripplett works as a grants developer for nonprofits seeking funding nationwide. He has a publishing background and worked as an investigative journalist for CBS, CNN, and various print and online platforms.

How Joshua Dad of Two Became Fabulous Asia (Gender Transformation)

Gender Transformation: From Joshua to Aisa
Joshua Miller was never comfortable as a male, although he fits the part perfectly. So he went on a journey of self-discovery and gender transformation.

Could Magic Mushrooms Be the Key to What Afflicts Us Emotionally?

Is magic mushrooms the cure for depression? Psilocybin
Former Naval Chief Petty Officer Bruce Golden was stuck. He’d just left a shopping bazaar where he and his partner sold baby goods as a side gig and was driving himself to the hospital. He never made it there. His breathing became laboured; he...

Ed Buck, Men, Meth and Me

Gemmel Moore (Dead), Ed Buck (Prison) and Timmothy Dean (Dead).
If it didn't hurt so bad, I'd kill myself, but I'll let Ed Buck do it for now. - Gemmel Moore, the last journal entry of Buck's first methamphetamine overdose victim.

How To Cope If You’re Gay and Lonely

gay and lonely man standing on hill
For some gay men, love and partnership have been usurped by loneliness and isolation. They represent a significant rise in gay and lonely people in society.

Crack Cocaine, Incarceration and a Black Gay Man’s Search for Identity

Crack Cocaine, Incarceration and a Black Gay Man’s Search for Identity
The night was unforgiving. Save the growing expanse of dark, speckled only by the lone stars above, and the growing sting of cold. The crack pipe in my pocket had witnessed its last high an hour or so ago. The delirium of my last...


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If crack cocaine is being on Mount Everest, then Crystal Meth is being in the clouds, above it all. But Leon was not well.