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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Let’s Talk Consent (no means no for men too)

People of all ages, especially men who have sex with men, need to understand consent and what it means in a sexual relationship.

Do You Have to Be Gay to Know God?

Siya Khumalo is rather versatile. The handsome South African has now put his hands to writing. We caught up with him to discuss his controversial and insightful book, "You Have to Be Gay to Know God".

Boy With Beer Turns 30 This Black History Month

“I am in love with your play. 'Boy with Beer' is to date the only depiction of black British queer romantic male love that I have ever seen anywhere,” he said.

Erectile Dysfunction: A Common Problem Men Don’t Talk About

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that most men experience at some time in their life. It is easier and quicker to resolve if you speak to your doctor.

MALE RAPE: The Unspoken Scream

Most cases of LGTBQ male rape go unreported because the male is closeted and feels ashamed to disclose his sexuality, just as it was with me.

What You Can Learn From Patric McCoy About Collecting Black Art

American art collector and art dealer, Patric McCoy, co-founder of Diasporal Rhythms, explores the importance of collecting our art.