Hate Crimes and Bullying: Why We Must Be Better

The figures for LGBT hate crimes are dwarfed by the almost 79,000 reported race-related hate crimes, which increased by 11% last year.

Diversifying Gay Travel: Don’t Tell Us Where We Can’t Go

Diversifying gay travel is long overdue. Too many articles on the places we should or shouldn't go as LGBT travellers are just fundamentally racist.

Ephraim Lewis: The Brief Life and Tragic Death of a Soul Singer

A year before he died, Ephraim broke up with his long-time girlfriend and began an affair with Paul Flowers. "I was openly gay, but Ephraim wasn't ready to call himself gay at the time," Flowers remembers.

How Black History Can Help Protect Young Black Gay/Bi Men

Black gay/bi men's survival is increased by drawing on black history, community or cultural values, and applying these lessons of resilience to new threats.

Black Men’s Misogynoir and Why We Must Do Better

Misogyny is not reserved for straight men. There is a long, toxic tradition of gay men cruelly mocking cishet women, and misogynoir is strong particularly among black gay men.

7 Days to Leave Your Cheating Lover

Your boyfriend takes Poppers with him on a four-day trip without you. Do you automatically think that he's cheating?