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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Taking a name, accepting one or just learning to wear one takes on particular significance in Moonlight. It is tied tightly to the story of a young African American boy in Miami becoming a man.
Central African state, Cameroon, quietly arrests more gay and lesbian citizens than any other country in the world. But a few activists are trying to do something about it.
The Carlos Watson Show shines a much-needed light on the voices you need to hear right now to make sense of these changing times.
Will the unearthing of Tony Britts' workout videos open a conversation about black male sexuality and gender norms in all their layers?
A year before he died, Ephraim broke up with his long-time girlfriend and began an affair with Paul Flowers. "I was openly gay, but Ephraim wasn't ready to call himself gay at the time," Flowers remembers.
Did homophobia in Whitney Houston’s family help to destroy the late singer’s life? It’s a shame she had to diminish her star to let fragile egos thrive.
In Andre Techine's vibrant "Being 17," two French teens experience unfamiliar feelings with confusion, fear and a force approaching violence.
Oppressed by her family life, dead-end prospects at school, and the boys' law in her neighbourhood, Marieme joins a feisty girl gang in the hope that this will lead to freedom.
We caught up with Chike Frankie Edozien to find out what motivates a gay Nigerian author and other questions to inspire the readers and writers among you.
It’s been ten years plus since we last met. Even after all this time, our bodies haven’t lost that feral magnetism for each other.