I’m starting this review of Young Soul Rebels with a blunt declaration: I don’t like this movie. At all. The remainder of what I say here mostly comprises the many and varied reasons I feel this way. They’ll never...
The newly restored James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket is long regarded as the definitive film biography of its subject. Watch the full movie.
Taking a name, accepting one or just learning to wear one takes on particular significance in Moonlight. It is tied tightly to the story of a young African American boy in Miami becoming a man.
Central African state, Cameroon, quietly arrests more gay and lesbian citizens than any other country in the world. But a few activists are trying to do something about it.
In Andre Techine's vibrant "Being 17," two French teens experience unfamiliar feelings with confusion, fear and a force approaching violence.
Oppressed by her family life, dead-end prospects at school, and the boys' law in her neighbourhood, Marieme joins a feisty girl gang in the hope that this will lead to freedom.
Male bonding in movies is still a relatively rare subject for cinema to tackle; and these three gay-friendly films are not your typical Hollywood fodder.


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