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Thursday, September 23, 2021.
As I became more exposed to various media content and digested how black gay male representation was often depicted, I started to question why all the limp wrists in mainstream film and television.
It was refreshing to see not just a predominantly black gay male cast in Love The One You're With, but no one was in heels, no cakey makeup. It was just very realistic to me.
The newly restored James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket is long regarded as the definitive film biography of its subject. Watch the full movie.
Oppressed by her family life, dead-end prospects at school, and the boys' law in her neighbourhood, Marieme joins a feisty girl gang in the hope that this will lead to freedom.
There's no doubt that the Black gay influence on Film & TV spans decades. While we begin to make strides in visibility, we felt now was a good time to provide a curated list of must-see Black gay movies.
In this edition of our must-see Black gay films, we celebrate international cinema and the creators who aim to highlight stories set against varying scenarios.
Central African state, Cameroon, quietly arrests more gay and lesbian citizens than any other country in the world. But a few activists are trying to do something about it.
Taking a name, accepting one or just learning to wear one takes on particular significance in Moonlight. It is tied tightly to the story of a young African American boy in Miami becoming a man.


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