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Saturday, November 27, 2021.
So, how much of Rihanna's musical catalogue makes her an icon for our LGBTQ+ tribe? Let us show you.
The Jacksons were the real thing. Fuck the Osmonds. I could hardly contain the singing of my secret song for Marlon. Everyone else could scream for Michael, I was there for Marlon. I’d been growing my Afro for months.
Did homophobia in Whitney Houston’s family help to destroy the late singer’s life? It’s a shame she had to diminish her star to let fragile egos thrive.


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Whitney (2018) — The Rise & Fall of America\'s Sweetheart

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Hey, I saw this cool site that may interest you: Whitney (2018) — The Rise & Fall of America's Sweetheart!

Find it here: https://www.blackgayblog.com/2019/12/10/whitney-2018-documentary/