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A toxic mix of transphobia and racism means that Black trans women are some of the most vulnerable people in the world, dying young, violently and overwhelmingly ignored.

Black lesbians and gay men also face considerable mental and physical health and well-being inequalities at home and abroad. They, too, are at a far higher risk of severe or lethal violence. Far less likely to be protected, both by law enforcers — who are disturbingly often the violators — and their own families and friends.

These are global issues. They range from the death penalty for same-sex sexual activity in several Commonwealth nations and other territories worldwide to children being taken from their parents, false imprisonment for consenting adult relationships, exile, or social exclusion.

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We want to continue to amplify Black queer voices and tell the stories that ensure when we say Black Lives Matter, we mean all Black lives, including Black LGBTQ+ ones.

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