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Thursday, September 23, 2021.
I've never felt at ease in gay circles. Some say it's normal to feel out of place in gay communities. You don't need to follow what most gay people do in order to be…well, gay. But "what is gay...
Friend to the best in soul music, read the adventures of music journalist, David Nathan, on the Black gay underground scene in 1970s London.
The murder of George Floyd is a symbol of the Obscene inequality and racial hostility black people still face in the United States of America and many other parts of the world.
The figures for LGBT hate crimes are dwarfed by the almost 79,000 reported race-related hate crimes, which increased by 11% last year.
Misogyny is not reserved for straight men. There is a long, toxic tradition of gay men cruelly mocking cishet women, and misogynoir is strong particularly among black gay men.
Professor Ryan Wade explores racism on gay dating apps (Racialized Sexual Discrimination) in a new study published by the American Journal of Community Psychology.
My gay Heimlich Manoeuvre joke flopped in Jamaica. All these Jamaicans just glared at me las if I’d farted in church. It was like a fog had come over their faces and nobody said a word.
The rejection of LGBT communities added to the burden of racism creates a very toxic environment for people who happen to be Black and gay in Latin America.


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