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Thursday, September 23, 2021.
My husband died on Memorial Day in 2017. He was a 65-year old former serviceman in the navy, and I was his young Black British Muscle Daddy.
Black male same-sex couples are rarely viewed in a positive. Here's our guide on how to maintain healthy enduring relationships.
A douche has a compartment that holds water and a long spout that you’ll insert up into your anus. The general idea is that you’re going to squirt water inside rectum until the water coming out runs clear.
You'd think gay dating apps should be more useful in connecting a good black man with others who want more from life than a string of one-off casual sex hookups with random strangers.
At some point, you must realise that you cannot be grieving forever. Grief will swallow you up, big Daddy. Grief will cripple you, too, if you're not careful. You have got to snap yourself out of it.
No one website can truly capture every corner of the black gay and bisexual men's experiences. But, Black Gay Blog is stepping up and saying our stories matter, and our journey should be captured.
There are not many celebrity black gay couples in the spotlight. The following couples each become famous for excellence in different fields. Their relationships have lead by example and have shown us all that anything is possible. 
Reflecting many of today's realities, Channel 4/HBO's five-part miniseries, It's A Sin, showcases a group of gay men who move to London from other parts of the UK in 1981 during the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


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