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Monday, May 16, 2022.
Perturbed by high levels of stigma and discrimination targeting LGBTQ individuals in Kenya, Peter NJane was moved to start, Ishtar MSM, a community-based organisation that has grown into a formidable defender of health rights in a country not so...
If it didn't hurt so bad, I'd kill myself, but I'll let Ed Buck do it for now. - Gemmel Moore, the last journal entry of Buck's first methamphetamine overdose victim.
Many people reject the idea that it is impossible to have a gender in conflict with your biological sex, but Gender Dysphoria is a real medical condition.
Reflecting many of today's realities, Channel 4/HBO's five-part miniseries, It's A Sin, showcases a group of gay men who move to London from other parts of the UK in 1981 during the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
At some point, you must realise that you cannot be grieving forever. Grief will swallow you up, big Daddy. Grief will cripple you, too, if you're not careful. You have got to snap yourself out of it.
PrEP works by providing a protective barrier over your immune cells, preventing HIV infection. Research studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by around 99% when taken as prescribed.
The night was unforgiving. Save the growing expanse of dark, speckled only by the lone stars above, and the growing sting of cold. The crack pipe in my pocket had witnessed its last high an hour or so ago....
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