"COCK PIC?" they ask by way of introduction, and I go off the boil. But why am I so offended by a request to see a picture of my cock?
If heteronormativity "traditional" relationships don't work for straight people, how do we expect our black gay relationships to last?
When you fill in your wants and desires in search of a partner, are the words in your dating app profile-- a preference or prejudice?
Most guys are doing gay online dating all wrong. So, it’s time to shut up, sit back, and equip yourself with our 7 skills to master for finding that perfect man - or perfect men. We don’t judge.
Black male same-sex couples are rarely viewed in a positive. Here's our guide on how to maintain healthy enduring relationships.
There are not many celebrity black gay couples in the spotlight. The following couples each become famous for excellence in different fields. Their relationships have lead by example and have shown us all that anything is possible.