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Friday, January 28, 2022.

Is Being Gay A Choice? Show Me The Scientific Evidence

There are hundreds or thousands of people, primarily those who are gay or bisexual, googling: “Is being gay a choice?” “Or is it nature?” “How do I come out and tell my parents, siblings, and friends that I’m gay?”

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Are Black Gay Men Viewed With Bias by Other LGBTQ People?

Race — specifically in LGBTQ communities — is still a massive taboo and often the only way to respond is through an emotional outburst.

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Demanding Condoms in Botswana Prisons

We may have just struck down an old colonial law and legalised homosexuality, but the debate on condoms in Botswana prisons rages on.

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Homosexuality in The Sanctified Black Church

"God made Adam and Eve. He never make Adam and Steve. It is an abomination onto the word of God; the mark of the Devil; a lie." This kind of rhetoric would reverberate, dictate, and gradually haunt me to this day.

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Transwoman Tyra (aka Tyrone Hunter) Dressed To Kill

TYRONE HUNTER was always effeminate. At sixteen, he dropped out of school, started growing his hair, and changed his name to Tyra. Now, it really was only just a matter of time before the all-important chop, tuck and fold.

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